How to Use Figma to create all your social assets

Vincent Haywood
How to Use Figma to create all your social assets

When prepping content to be shared on channels you usually have to create a series of images in various dimensions for each channel.

Say for instance you have just finished a blog post and now you want to share that on other platforms and get your Tweets, FB and Instagram posts out. This means going into whatever editor you use and creating each one.

Other time consuming tasks include

  • Feedback from client to change something small which means editing 5 images
  • Creating various images sizes for each channel for a content plan. Say you have five channels... thats 5x30 assets for the month
  • Slow turnaround fro being reactive
  • Just plain time consuming when you could be working on other things

But no more! In the below video I show you the concept and then how you can build a system to generate unlimited images in different sizes with just one edit.

Before following along, if you want, Download Figma, its free

Now, lets get to it :

A few tools I mentioned in the video:

UI8 - amazing graphics to use in your assets

Figma Gradients - great looking gradient plugin to quickly add gradients