How to make more assets from one piece of content

Vincent Haywood
How to make more assets from one piece of content

People spend so much time creating blogs, podcasts and videos and then creating a few posts to share and then moving on. Below are someways to make more assets from one piece of content and get more exposure


βœ… The first thing to understand is that you should always repost. Each time you do, thanks to the algorithms, you will be seen by different audiences. Keep posting snippets and links to each piece of content you create

Heres a visual to explain the concept

Heres the tips :

βœ… Use Missinglettr to plugin your blog and it will help you create a year's worth of posts. You may have to clean up some, but this will take quotes and headers and quickly create lots of posts you can then schedule

🎀 Descript will help you create a series of assets, one of them being audio grams. Highlight parts of your podcast and bank assets to share on Instagram and Twitter

βš™οΈ Feedhive will enable you to retweet automatically a few hours after posting. It also allows is you to recycle content later

πŸ“ˆ TweetHunter will allow you to look at high performing tweet examples that you could use as inspiration to create different posts that point to the content. Write your main Tweet and then repurpose it based on the examples you

✍️ Written a list article - turn each point into a tweet, an Instagram post, a story, a TikTok post. Wrote ten points? That’s ten posts

🧠 Add your content headline to Copy Ai blog tools and it will give you even more ideas, use them in various posts

πŸ–Š Posting on Medium? Highlight a sentence and you can share it as a tweet. Do this for all the key points. And bank them for later

🌠 You can take highlights or quotes and add them to Pablo by  - quickly create nice images for each post

πŸ‘¨πŸ»πŸ’» Quick image editing for different channels: Canva magic resize, Bannerbear or Figma's components. (Figma components are amazing, edit one image and see all the channel assets update - my personal choice)

βš™οΈ Automate the reposts where possible - WordPress to medium, Webflow to medium, post to a text file that you can copy straight into Linkedin Articles. Via Zapier

We work hard on our main content assets, they should get as much exposure as possible, repurposing, recycling will ensure each time you post, a new potential fan, customer or follower will see them.

If you are stuck for content ideas, by the way, check out my book: The content ideas machine, 30 ways to find the exact content you need for your target audience. Create and then keep sharing.