How to grow your Twitter account with quality followers

Vincent Haywood
How to grow your Twitter account with quality followers

Twitter is my favourite social media platform, I learn, share and meet new people all the time.


As a content creator and responsible for a number of clients' content marketing strategies I wanted to apply my learnings to my own Twitter profile. I wanted to grow it by getting in front of my target audience. Over the past five weeks, I’ve added over 500 new engaged Twitter followers to my account and its still growing.


Now I know follower count is not a success metric ultimately as you can buy followers or game the system. But if you take the time and put the effort in you can grow that follower count with quality, targeted users. Users who see what you post as valuable content that helps them, and inspires them.


Here's how I’m growing my Twitter account with quality Twitter followers 👇

🔥 It's definitely a slow burn, but that means I’m getting a quality audience. I’d rather 1 quality follower than 100 non-engaging accounts.

🗓 Post every day - this shows you are active and engaging. Do not automate this. Each post has to show it's you sharing something, not just posting for the sake of posting. I try to keep this to at least two times per day.

📢 Every time you get involved in Twitter chats or posts, bring value. Contribute, help, enhance, share your different opinion.


#️⃣I don't really bother with finding relevant hashtags - it's not really had any effect on my posts' performance. (except #buildinpublic)


🌆 I’ve embraced visual content. These are my most popular Tweets. Take Janis Ozolins course: Explain your ideas visually. It will get your head around how to make these. Plus I love making them and simplifying concepts. I use Figma -so easy. 

🧵 I post at least one thread a week. Threads are great for sharing lessons and tips. Each post is something valuable, rather than a blog post with filler. It also helps you simplify explanations and people appreciate that. Typefully makes this so easy. Plus you can tell a great story or share instructions without worrying about the character limit.

📢 Don’t just retweet - Quote retweet. Your audience wants your take on what you are sharing. What are you sharing it? How would it benefit them?


🏷 Tag your posts internally with your own tags. I use FeedHive when scheduling and add a tag to my tweets. e.g - ‘Visual’, ‘Thread’, ‘Social Media’ - now I can look at my analytics and see what type of content works hardest and focus more on that

💻 Share your journey. Using #buildinpublic (the one hashtag I do use), your potential followers and fans are involved in your build and will even give feedback. Already you are creating a form of loyalty and support. Priceless

📈 Add Blackmagic to your browser - so much more functionality for your Twitter account. Add notes, see forecasts, schedule, measure, favourite and so much more. This is always open in my browser when I’m on Twitter. It's much better than the default Twitter analytics and looks nice too.

🤔 Optimise your Twitter Bio, tell people who you are and what you can do for them or what your mission is. People will check out your Twitter profile to justify following you. Here's mine. Notice the suave pose in my profile image. A work in progress, this is probably the 4th version. Make sure your profile photo is a real photo of you so people can put a face to a name. Customise your header image to show what you are about or what you do.

🕘 Use Auto Retweets on your posts for different times of the day. This will help get you in front of users in different time zones. Feedhive has a simple tick box for this to tell it when to retweet.


📆 Plan each month in a content calendar. Yeah, I know you have heard this before. But it really does help. Plan out your signature pieces of content or high-quality content and create it so you have a bank of content. Then easily schedule tweets. This way you free up some brain space to engage in Twitter conversations or engage with other users. Feedhive has a great content calendar to plan on.

👨🏻‍💻 Always be helping, sharing and contributing. Only then can you ask something of your followers. Give, Give, give, give, give, give, ask.


💬 Engage with at least 5 large accounts per day (including industry leaders). Not just a like or a one-word answer. Contribute to their posts, show your knowledge too. This will be appreciated, plus their audience gets to see you too. Add a notification for these accounts so you don’t miss any opportunities. I also add these accounts to Twitter lists. Sorted by the types of content the account shares. For example Social Media, Content Marketing, Agencies, etc. This way I can load the applicable Twitter lists I need for engaging and not have unrelated tweets filling my Twitter feed. Follow these users, follow their followers, follow the lists they have created or ones they feature on. This will fill your feed with discussions and questions you want to talk about - and inspire more content.

Some other helpful resources
Take  Arvid Kahl's ‘Find your following’ course
Use Tweethunter for inspiration + find highly engaged accounts
Use my book for thousands of content ideas specifically for your targeted audience: The Content Ideas Machine

By the way, if you need any help with this or any other digital marketing projects. Check out GetVin. My Micro consultancy. Get access to 25 years of digital marketing experience. You can even book a free 30 min call to see how we could work together.