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How toFebruary 14, 2018

How to choose the right hashtags for Instagram

One of the first questions I’m asked when consulting on a project is how to choose the right hashtags. In most cases, people assume you choose the most popular, slap them on and see what happens. There’s more to it, here is how to choose the right hashtags for Instagram. Most guides, blogs and trainers

Content marketingJanuary 9, 2018

What agencies and brands are getting wrong in social media and content marketing 2017 review

I gathered some thoughts from my work last year and put together what agencies and brands are getting wrong in social media and content marketing. 

Content marketingAugust 31, 2017

A gathering of minds – closed Facebook groups

They say there is strength in numbers. So I’ve created a gathering of minds in all things social media and content marketing

Content marketingAugust 9, 2017

14 Powerful channels you need to distribute your content on

Did you know there are another 14 channels and methods to distribute your content? Once you’ve created a video, blog post, infographic or another form of content you usually go and create a Facebook post, a Tweet, a post on Linkedin and possibly an image for Instagram. Most people stop there.

Content marketingJuly 14, 2017

Apps to make your Instagram Stories even better

Need some apps to make your Instagram stories even better? I love Instagram stories, I like the fact you can post as much as you want without clogging up someone’s newsfeed or irritating users. The thing is, have you ever noticed those professional looking stories from brands or accounts you follow. Do you ever think

Content marketingJune 21, 2017

12 Growth hacks and tools for content

Checkout 12 growth hacks and tools for content slides.

Content marketingMarch 15, 2017

How to quickly find ideas and build a content plan

Here’s how to quickly find ideas and build a content plan using a couple of tools and some searches.

Content marketingMarch 6, 2017

How to speed up sharing your blog posts and save time

One of the most time-consuming elements is sharing your blog posts or distributing it. As you know, each time you post, you need to share the blog on your various channels or submit it to other sites or repurpose images.These things take time but there are ways to make this process a whole lot easier.

Content marketingFebruary 5, 2017

What is content marketing?

With the majority of the public becoming savvy to advertising, brands realise that they need to generate ‘stuff’ to keep their loyal customers and potential new ones interested, trusting and wanting more. That is where Content Marketing comes in.

Content marketingJanuary 15, 2017

The Content Marketing 2017 preparation Infographic

We’ve gone through a load of charts and data to bring you the Content Marketing 2017 preparation infographic.

Content marketingJanuary 10, 2017

How to sell out your next event with Social and content marketing

So you have an event planned, great speakers and a fantastic venue. However, you just aren’t shifting those tickets. A few weeks ago a friend asked me to help with some ways they can get word out and pick up sales and I suggested a few techniques.

Content marketingJanuary 7, 2017

10 Reasons you should fire your social media agency

I’ve been running VHDigital for nearly two years now, and I’ve come to realise a few things when taking over accounts that have been handled by other consultants or social media agencies. Here are ten reasons you should fire your social media agency or consultant.

Content marketingJanuary 2, 2017

5 Books content marketers should read

In my previous post, The top shared posts on 2016, I mentioned I’m always consuming information around what I do, constantly learning from others. On that note I thought it a good ideas to share with you 5 books content marketers should read.

Content marketingDecember 29, 2016

The most shared content marketing posts of 2016

In order to keep up to date on content marketing strategies and happenings I have to consume loads or er… content. From blogs, to videos, to infographics, to books. anywhere I can get it. So in order to wrap up the year I thought I would run a search using most shared via twitter and

How toSeptember 7, 2016

10 instagram tips you should use right now

Instagram is one of my favourite channels, and I’m not alone. It’s by far one of the most popular channels today. With its recent upgrade to add stories it’s going to get even bigger. So I thought I would put together 10 Instagram tips you should be using right now.

Content marketingSeptember 5, 2016

Why you should upgrade to an Instagram business profile

First up, if you are using Instagram for pics of your food and cute doggy photos, you don’t have to read this. 😉 However if you are trying to grow your brand or business, here’s a few reasons why you should upgrade to an Instagram business profile.

Content marketingAugust 25, 2016

21 ways to get more content from one video

Creating video content takes time, there’s a lot of effort that goes into it. So why not use it to help create even more assets for your channels.

Content marketingAugust 16, 2016

My top 5 wordpress plugins

Ah, WordPress plugins. As you’ve probably gathered, this site is powered by WordPress. WordPress is by far one of the best blogging/cms tools out there and the plugins available are infinite. Anything you want to do or improve upon on your site probably has a plugin. So, in what I think may become a series,

Content marketingJuly 12, 2016

My YouTube upload process

A while ago I gave out some tips on my snapchat channel about my Youtube upload process. They did really well and I had a couple questions off the back of it.  As you can probably tell, my YouTube channel is relatively new and I’m not putting paid activity behind it. My growth right now

Social MediaJune 29, 2016

Social media customer service, a letter to Wizz Air

So, I’m writing this post in a bit of pain. I’ve just come back from a four day stag do in Prague – I’m broken. It was an amazing trip, till I had to come home… due to Wizz air’s lack of Social Media Customer service I was left to figure out my way home

How toJune 8, 2016

My Top Ten Consulting Tools

Have a look at my top ten consulting tools I use. I’ve recently started vlogging, I’m about 11 videos in and I’m loving it. Head over here to see my channel. Last night I added a new section which is more industry based and probably more applicable for this blog. Of which I haven’t updated for

Content marketingMarch 4, 2016

Ten ways to inspire content ideas

Coming up with ideas for your posts, tweets, blogs and video can come to you quite easily at first. Overtime you may start to run a little dry on those ideas and may need a little bit of inspiration just to get you going again.

Online MarketingMarch 2, 2015

10 Reasons why I love Trello

About a week ago I was looking for a solution to manage a number of projects. Originally I was looking for a slick to-do list app. Right now iOS reminders and Siri are doing a fine job. I stumbled across Trello. I’d heard about it a while back but never really bothered. However this time

Social MediaAugust 11, 2014

Social Media Tips : Top 10 things you should never do

Decided to write up and source a few Social media tips for what not to do when looking after brand pages. Do not under any circumstances do any of the following.

Social MediaJuly 22, 2014

Fighting the Facebook algorithm part 3

Welcome to part 3 of Fighting the Facebook algorithm. In Part 1 I gave you a little intro to the Facebook algorithm and some of the approaches, Part 2 showed you how to find that content thats working and create little formulas to find that sweet spot. Problem is, even when you get to that

Social MediaJuly 22, 2014

Fighting the Facebook algorithm part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Fighting the Facebook algorithm. In Part 1 I gave you a few tips on how to get your messaging out, how to balance that sales pitch with effective content. Now heres the thing, I’ve read many Social Media books, attended many presentations and read loads of blogs. All of them

Social MediaJuly 22, 2014

Fighting the Facebook algorithm part 1

The Facebook algorithm has been in the news quite a bit lately, when I say news I mean Social Media news of course, doubt the Daily Mail will be running a head line Facebook algorithm hits rock bottom! Besides we all need to know what Kim Kardashian is up to

Social MediaJuly 20, 2014

Twitter Analytics goes live

Twitter analytic tools are good to go. Finally you can monitor the performance of your organic activity straight from the horses mouth. By simply accessing your Twitter advertising account you can now see the organic data you need. In my last post I mentioned various Social Media tools I use, all of them get the

Social MediaJuly 17, 2014

Social Media Tools

Social Media tools, there’s loads. Everyday I’m discovering new one or being sold the next best thing, So I thought why not create a post as to what I use and why.

Social MediaFebruary 19, 2014

Channel 5 Big Debate should tap into social channels

So last night I watched this pile of shit. In short, Channel 5 are just taking big issues and adding random celebs and whomever they can get just for some big ‘shocking’ moments. The fact they suddenly popped up an interview with Anjem Choudary during a debate about immigration proved they are just fishing for

Social MediaMarch 14, 2013

Social Media talk at DMXDublin 2013

DMX Dublin is the biggest digital conference in Ireland. It was held on March 13 and I was invited to speak about content and engagement using a Harry Potter campaign I had worked on.

Social MediaFebruary 4, 2013

Instagram challenges

The past few months I’ve been getting into Mobile photography alot. Now I’m no gifted photographer and all I’m using is Instagram to show case my work. In order to keep my creativity or inspiration going I have been joining some Instagram challenges and playing with other mobile photography apps to make my amateur attempts look a

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