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Hey, I'm a full stack technical consultant.

Hi, I'm Vincent a full stack technical consultant from London. I help companies and agencies, build, automate and market their campaigns and products.

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My Expertise

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Social Media & Content Marketing

Share all. Full content strategy and executions. I have written social media strategies and maintained channels for multiple industries plus trained internal teams up on making their social media efforts work harder towards campaign goals

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Technical Consulting

Making the engine work. From platform recommendations and setups, to better tools and systems. I help companies build and use the correct tools and systems for the job at hand. This includes code fixes, site optimisations and rebuilds plus total migration from platform to platform

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Online sales. Planning, building and training for various eCommerce platforms. Optimisations, customisations, warehouse integrations and improved sites.

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Paid Media

Performance media. 25 years of paid media experience from agency level to small business. Across paid search, paid social and programmatic advertising

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Killing monotony and getting time back. I have built numerous automation workflowes for companies to help with saving time on reptitive tasks. From client onboarding to reporting systems to internal processes

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A new revolution. Multiple nocode builds for clients looking to simplify a large project. From turning databases into internal apps or websites or internal tools

Writing a book with a database
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1500 icons in minutes
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Building a course site and automating
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Nice to meet you.

Hey, I'm Vincent, thanks for stopping by

Who am I?
Here is the formal 'CV' answer:
I've worked in digital for 20 years having worked on brands like Harry Potter, WWE, eBay, Aesop, Xbox and loads more. I'm a domain expert in all things digital marketing, eCommerce and automation

Here is the alternate answer:
I live, think and breathe the tech and tools that I talk about here. I'm lucky enough to get to be a speaker at conferences and 'inner circle' mastermind groups about tech - and what tech can do. I tell them the same thing that I 'm saying to you: I've made the mistakes so you don't have to.

I would love if you come along for the ride. I'm not promising a journey of fun and games. It takes hard work and long hours. A lot of people don’t see what it takes behind the scenes - but I will show you.  All it takes is a commitment.

Personal 'stuff' about me': I'm the founder of VHDigital - a digital / technical consulting firm. I live in London with my wife, little fellah, Jake, and my very smart dog, Logan. In fact, if Logan could code and build websites, I think he would already be a millionaire. Instead, he likes treats, walks and woofs. Maybe he has the right idea!

I'm going to share with you all the ideas, experiments, mindsets, tech and tools to create the sort of business and the type of life that makes you independent and in control of what you do.

The outcome for what I share on this site is to give you the capability and the confidence to be in control of your life and your future - using tools and tech to deliver this.

Fancy words for what I am doing here is making you 'anti-fragile' or 'sovereign' through the use of the latest tech and tools.
However, I don't use fancy words. I don't and won't ever use BS examples like '7 things you can learn from Steve Jobs or Elon Musk'.

I am brutally pragmatic. I will tell you how I'm executing on the bets that I have made on eCommerce, No-Code, digital marketing, business (and life) automation to process improvements to internal training.

I'll show you the results of these bets - warts and all - where my judgements and ideas were both good - and bad.

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Vincent Haywood

Founder - VHDigital

Customers & Clients

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Customer Testimonials

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Tenacious, dedicated, inspirational and genuine. Through thick and thin, a company/someone you want on your team.

Jennifer Rebaudo

Head of Marketing, ClevaMama
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Steve Mark

Founder & Leader
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Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text. It has roots in a piece of classical.

Sarah Smith

Operations Team