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content marketing and and social media hands-on training

Are your social media channels working hard enough for you?
Is your content marketing strategy helping you achieve your business goals?

VHDigital offers bespoke training which will focus your team’s aim on the tasks which really matter. Our hands-on workshops teach your staff the most effective techniques to get the results you want from your social media and content marketing strategies.

Compiled from 20 years of experience and strategies used on Xbox, Harry Potter, eBay, COS, Adidas, Chivas Regal campaigns and more.

Each of our two-day courses are tailored to your needs. Specifically concentrating on your clients or brand channels, it is not a one size fits all approach.

By the end of the course your team will know how to:

tick Use the right social media channels for you
tick Build a robust and effective content plan
tick Measure performance and success
tick Integrate with other marketing disciplines
tick Understand the interests of your audience
tick Create tailored social media strategies
tick Choose the best tools to save time and achieve results
tick Implement effective growth hacks for campaigns
tick Increase and establish new revenue streams

Who is this course for?


We work with PR, creative and marketing agencies to equip their staff with all the skills they need to run effective social media and content marketing campaigns

Improve Performance

We will get your team working smarter with content which packs a punch and gets people talking for all the right reasons


Whatever the size of your brand, we will help you find and understand your audience so your content always hits the right note with your target market

Use Time Wisely

Our course will show you how to focus on the social media channels which will perform for your business so you never waste time or energy on ineffective campaigns

Why this course is right for you

Interactive environment

Our workshop will engage and involve every member of your marketing team with interesting and lively sessions. By the end, everyone from team leaders to absolute beginners will have the skills and knowledge they need to succeed and will have had the chance to put the theory into practice. We will also give you all the course materials at the end of the session so participants can focus on what they are learning instead of worrying about taking notes.

live social media workshop

Completely bespoke

At VHDigital, we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. Every business and brand is unique, so we will tailor the course to focus on helping you achieve your goals. Before the workshop starts, participants will get the chance to suggest areas where they want to brush up their skills. We will also carry out a micro audit of your social media channels before we start so we can talk about how you are performing and what you can do to maximise your success.

Focus on results

We don’t waste time talking about theory; we will dive straight into teaching you effective strategies to achieve your aims. We will show you how to make the most of your creative assets, plan powerful campaigns and engage your customers. And best of all, we will make sure you know how to do all these things in the most efficient way possible, so your team’s efforts are always being used wisely.

Guides for success

When the course ends, your team will receive step by step guides and cheat sheets to help them put their learning into practice and start seeing genuine results. But don’t worry, we won’t swamp you with pointless paperwork. We will give you easy-to-understand templates and guides to help you generate ideas for blogs, create engaging content and make sure you are ticking all the right boxes when it comes to social media.


We will focus on how social media and content marketing work together. Delving deep into the worlds of Twitter and Facebook, we’ll show you the best way to analyse your data and plan your content. We will focus on how social media and content marketing work together. You will also learn how to make sure your campaigns target the right people and that your paid ads are working hard for you.

Day one will also look at the time-saving tools which will make a real difference to your business, how to turn one piece of content into multiple assets and how you can make influencer marketing work for you.

The second day of your course will add to your knowledge with more advanced tools and techniques. You will find out about setting up metrics and data reports and the best ways to measure your performance.
We’ll then look at Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and Youtube, using tried and tested methods to increase your exposure, expand your audience and optimise your video content. From harnessing the power of the hashtag to learning how to find and create attention-grabbing content, you will leave our course with a far deeper understanding of how to reach your target market.

Added benefits

Micro Audits

Study your social media channels so you can build on what you already have and learn from your mistakes

Fully Customised

Your workshop will be completely tailored to your needs, focusing on the areas where your team needs most training

Growth Hacks

Access to proven and extremely effective growth hacks for every channel and goal

Revenue streams

Know how to set up a community management team, how to run purely social media campaigns or add another level to a current offering

Save time

We will help you streamline your social media and content marketing approach, saving you time and helping you reach your goals

Continued support

Your learning won’t stop when the course ends. You’ll get access to weekly tips, useful tutorials and access to a private Facebook group

People love the course

Your Trainer

social media training Vincent Haywood
Vincent Haywood – Social Media and Content Marketing Expert

With more than 20 years of digital marketing experience, Vincent has worked with some of the world’s biggest and most successful brands. Along with working on campaigns for big-hitters including Xbox, Adidas, eBay, Jaguar, Landrover, he has created content and social media for Harry Potter across 17 territories, set up systems and processes for Chivas Regal and written strategies for WWE UK’s social channels.

After building up and managing a number of digital departments for UK agencies, Vincent now runs a digital consultancy helping agencies and brands make the most of their social media and content marketing approaches.

Training style

Vincent has an energetic, hands-on approach to training. Your team will learn in a friendly, relaxed environment, free from buzzwords and meaningless jargon.

Instead of listening to someone talk through a series of endless slides, your team will get involved in learning tools and techniques which are relevant to your business or brand. All our training material and exercises will be customised to suit your needs, so every minute of your course will be useful.

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Our courses are perfect for everyone from agency staff and marketing teams to small business owners and in-house social media staff. As we tailor the content of the course to suit your needs, we will make sure you have the social media and content marketing skills you need to achieve your goals.
Not a problem. Each workshop is designed around your goals and will focus on teaching you the skills and techniques you need to succeed.
Don’t worry if you’re starting from scratch; we can teach you everything you need to know.
We don’t waste time on useless theory or boring statistics. Your workshop will be completely relevant to your team, building on existing skills and looking at ways to improve performance. Your trainer has developed his skills on the job, working with everyone from small businesses to world-leading brands. He will pass on his knowledge and experience in fun, energetic and informative sessions which get everyone involved.
Our courses are designed for between 10 and 50 people although we have found classes of around 12 work best. If you have several teams which need training, we can discuss a way of meeting your needs
We know that to learn effectively you need to keep your energy up, so we will supply snacks.
Our courses are made up of two sessions of up to four hours each, including plenty of time for questions.
Of course! Once you learn how to use social media effectively, you’ll probably want to use the techniques on practically everything. Don’t be surprised if you end up starting an Instagram account for your beloved pet.
To put it simply, everyone can benefit from understanding more about social media and content marketing. From the most junior trainees to senior executives, all levels of staff will learn useful skills they can put into practice to benefit your business.
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